Anand International India was established as an education agent in 1997. Our major focus has been to process applications for student visas for prospective students seeking study in Australia and we have achieved a high level of success in this regard. Currently, we represent a significant number of private Registered Training Organizations’ (RTOs), TAFE institutes and universities. Our office is in Dehra Dun, the capital city of Uttarakhand and is widely recognized as the ‘education capital’ of India.

Jai Anand is the owner and Director of Anand International India. He is a citizen of Australia and has lived there for over 45 years. Mr. Anand has a number of business interests, including ownership of a highly successful Indian restaurant. He has over 20 years experience in the international student market and has developed a considerable number of contacts throughout India.

Tony Leech is a consultant/adviser for Anand international India. Mr. Leech has extensive experience in vocational education and training in Australia, including teaching, curriculum research and development, responsibility for the management and delivery of Australian government funded programs for long-term unemployed youth and was the foundation director of NMIT’s International Office in 1989/90, a position he held until 2003. He has extensive contacts in many countries and specific strengths in the international student market.

Our success is, in large part, due to the skills and experience of our management and counseling staff. Great care is taken to ensure that applicants are provided with comprehensive and detailed information covering the course of study they have chosen their preferred institution and detailed information covering living and studying in Australia.

Anand International India will not lodge an application for a student visa until it is completely satisfied that all required documentation has been provided, that the genuineness of the documents has been thoroughly confirmed and that all the entry requirements of the receiving institution have been fully met.

We also understand the importance of the decision being made by an applicant to study overseas and we encourage applicants to give full consideration to all the relevant factors applying to their decision. We also encourage prospective students to bring their parents to our office so that we can ensure, as far as possible, that they are fully informed and that they are committed to the decision to study overseas. In conclusion, Anand International India is a professional agency, providing efficient, effective and high quality services to both prospective international students and to private RTOs, TAFE institutes and universities.

Please contact this office should you require further details and we will be more than pleased to provide.

Our counselor Ms. Manisha Singh has successfully completed the (EATC) Education Agent Training Course offered by international Education Services in partnership with AEI and DIAC http://www.pieronline.org/qeac

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